Saba Verda Summer School

For primary and secondary school students from 4 to 16 years old

June 25th - June 28th

July 1st - July 5th

July 8th - July 12th

Small mixed-age groups, all activities in English, and a diverse program tailored for both Catalan and English-speaking students—that's Saba Verda Summer School!

Each week features a unique theme with activities, external workshops, or a trip, ensuring a fun and educational experience.

You can sign up for individual weeks or for as many weeks as you want. Come for one, two or even the whole three weeks -- it's up to you!

What can you look forward to?

Want to improve your English through fun activities during the summer? Sign up via the registration form! Summer School days start at 9:00 and end at 13:00.

Animals and Birds and Their Habitats

Explore the fascinating world of wildlife, learning about ecological balance, and how diverse species adapt in their natural environments.

Myths and Legends

Journey through time as we explore ancient myths and legends, discovering stories of heroes, and mythical creatures from various cultures.

Future Inventions

Dive into the world of future inventions, fostering creativity, and critical thinking as we explore the basics of innovation and technology.

Price for Saba students 115/week

Price for Saba non-students 120/week

Why choose our Summer School?

An approach to all students as individuals

We care about our students! They can ask us anything, and we are happy to help.

Small groups

Small groups allow us to communicate better and allow everyone to participate more fully. This lets us have more time for each other.

The programme is taught completely in English

This kind of immersion allows communication skills to improve quickly and naturally.

Do you have any questions you need answered before you're ready to apply? Contact us at Applications for Saba Verda Summer School must be submitted no later than the 18th of June, 2024.

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